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The Antiaging Hormones website is part of the International Antiaging Systems Group (IAS), the world’s largest supplier of specialist antiaging products. The IAS Group is dedicated to helping you access the latest commercially available supplements to give you and your family real choices in health and wellness

Health and longevity

For more than 25-years we have specialized in preventative and regenerative therapies and are here to put precision into your health.

Customer care

Our high standards are confirmed by our many customers throughout the world, who recommend us to others and come back to buy our products again and again.

Who are we?

IAS was established in 1991 and we have a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service.

IAS has a history of making throughout the world crucial, but difficulty accessible medications available to patients. IAS is one of the pioneering societies in anti-aging medicine that has helped this new medical specialty move forward.

Thierry Hertoghe